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Yiddish is a 1000-year-old language of the Jews of Eastern Europe. Yiddish songs are deeply rooted in spiritual traditions, Cantorial and Chassidic singing; they have also been influenced by many other East European cultures. One of the strongest links within Ashkenazi culture is the Chassidic Nign – a part of Jewish worship that enables the singer to bring about a change in consciousness known as Dveykes. Yiddish song is also strongly influenced by theatre and cinema, cultural and historic events and expresses people’s day to day life like any folk culture

The London Yiddish Choir repertoire explores the tradition and takes it to a new dimension introducing contemporary compositions, a bit of improvisation and original music – all with attention to cultural context, history and style. OPEN TO ALL. Join any time. Sheet music, translations and transliterations are available.

There are 2 groups (with mostly the same people) singing in Yiddish with Polina in London now. The original group (see more information below) meets 1-2 times a month. Please get in touch if you’d like to come.

Autumn term dates at JW3
23 September
7, 28 October
11, 25 November
9 December
Hanukka concert 23 December.

Fee – £10 / £5 concessions, please see the link for more info and booking.

Venue - JW3 at 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET

The London Yiddish Choir was founded by a classical pianist and Alexander Technique coach Robin Rubenstein who hosted the choir in her house in 2012-2013. From February 2014 the choir meet at The Jewish Cultural Centre JW3 who has partnered with the Jewish Music Institute to bring the choir to the new venue on Finchley Road. The choir meet on Tuesday evenings 6.45-8.45pm usually twice a month with breaks for holidays. Group members also sing for events, perform concerts and meet for social activities.

Watch our rehearsal video:


Polina Shepherd by Polina Shepherd