Every day at 6 pm UK time, I'm doing a SING WITH ME video session, about 30 - 40 minutes long. I alternate Russian and Yiddish songs from day to day. 

Every fifth day I give a short concert & sing along with a guest performer. Merlin Shepherd  and Lorin Sklamberg have guested in previous shows (watch videos below). I also talk tell some fun stories from my travels like playing for Boris Yeltsin, singing a gig in -26°C (-14.8°F)...

No knowledge of languages is needed. We learn a song a day and have a revisiting session from time to time. I provide you with Latin transliteration and translations. A video of each session is posted online each day. A song sheet is uploaded to this page at least two hours before each session so you can print it but you will also see it on the screen. Join any time for as many sessions as you like.

We've had 60 - 70 people joining us every day from Russia, USA, Australia, Brazil, Iceland, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands.

Seeing I have lost all my work over the next weeks, I would appreciate donations for these sessions although you can join me free of charge. 

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Attention! Our next run of sessions from 7 April will have safer ZOOM settings. You'll need a password to join which you will find here every day.

I will bring news guests on the programme for the concert sessions. and here comes something very exciting: Efim Chorny & Suzanna Ghergus (Moldova) will be guests of the show on 11 April. Efim & Suzanna are real international stars of Yiddish music, and Sing With Me people already know one of Efim's songs...

Any help with spreading the word and getting a sustainable number of people in the group is highly appreciated. When you share this on social media, please write why you like Sing With Me, a personal note is always good and I'll know how you feel, even if you want to kvetch / complain about it!
I would like to keep bringing guests in, finances allowing, and I also have some other exciting ideas. Stay with us, sing with me!

by Michel Borzykowski

Tuesday 7 April - Russian Song
Wednesday 8 April - a Yiddish song for Passover
Thursday 9 April - Russian Song
Friday 10 April - Yiddish Song

Saturday 11 April - Concert. Guests of the evening: Efim Chorny & Susanna Ghergus (Moldova). Attention: there will be no video of this session available afterwards. 
Sunday 12 April - Russian Song
Monday 13 April - Yiddish Song
Tuesday 14 April - Russian Song
Wednesday 15 April - Yiddish Song
Thursday 16 April - Concert & Sing Along

Join FREE of charge or choose any of the options to donate
pay for one session £5

pay for two sessions or people £10

all ten sessions £42


Sing with Me 16 - Yiddish Songs   Saturday, 4 April

Yiddish songs: revisiting the songs we've done before. Don't worry if you haven't been to all the sessions. It will be easy and fun and you'll get a nice list for your repertoire all at once! This session will also be interactive and I will answer your questions in the chat. Song files: My heart, my heart, Dertseyl, Varnitshkes, Dos Bisele Shpayz, Ven ikh zol hobn fligelekh

Sing with Me 15 Russian Songs  Friday April 3

We will be revisiting all the Russian songs we've done before. Don't worry if you are joining for the first time or missed some of the sessions. It will be easy and fun and you'll get great repertoire all at once! Song files: CoachmanOsennie listya Autumn Leaves, Gari, gari maya Zvizda, Fill our goblets, Krutitsa Vertitsa, Lonely accordion, Pa Donu gulyaet

Sing with Me 14 - CONCERT Thursday April 2

Polina Shepherd & Lorin Sklamberg   sing and play songs of The Izba, the Shtibl and the Global Village, their usual melange of Russian and Yiddish. .....

more previous sessions - here

7 thoughts on “SING WITH ME

  • Hi, I tried to send a message but do not know if it worked. I want to start your workshops but would like to be able to print scores. Are those available?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Rebecca, I usually put scores online about two hours before each session. Do you want to start them from the beginning? In that case, writ to me from my contact page and I will email them qll to you.

  • That was a wonderful session. I loved going through the songs we’ve done. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow’s 🙂

  • Thank you Polina, I am still working so unable to join many live sessions, but loving the opportunity to sing with you and learn this repertoire!

  • Wonderful and fun sessions – only managed to attend one London and one Brighton Russian choir rehearsal before “lock-down” and so it’s good to have the chance to learn some of the repertoire during this time.

    I love hearing the music and lyrics, of course, but also the stories of Polina’s adventures in life too!

    Many, many thanks Polina. Let’s hope we can get some semblance of order into our lives soon and get back to proper rehearsals.

    Beat wishes to you both and I hope Merlin’s arms mends ok.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Neil, and for the fantastic series of background pictures you had through the first run!

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