Every blade of grass has its own melody and from all of these are distilled the Shepherds’ own songs».

Borrowed with thanks from the words of  Nachman of Bratslav

Merlin and Polina Shepherd play original compositions for clarinet, piano, electric guitar, whistle and voice….drawing influences from the Pale of Settlement, Russia, Tatarstan and Turkey. including new settings of Liturgical texts in Yiddish. Songs in Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew.


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total time 52:56

  1. Dint Got mit Simkhe. Serve the Lord with Gladness Psalm 100-2 (Yiddish, Hebrew) 04:18
  2. Soon it will be May 02:59
  3. Travinka. A Blade of Grass (Russian) 03:39
  4. Yearning 03:44
  5. Gut iz tsu loybn Got. It is good to give thanks to God Psalm 92-2 (Yiddish) 01:54
  6. Shiru lo. Sing unto Him Psalm 33-3 (Hebrew,Yiddish) 04:33
  7. Let my Thoughts rest (Russian) 03:40
  8. Forever….if not Longer 02:54
  9. Plach. Cry (Russian) 03:44
  10. Second hand Apron 05:05
  11. Vek zikh uf. Awake, my Glory Psalm 57-9 (Yiddish) 02:32
  12. Di Neshome. The Soul from liturgy (Yiddish) 02:40
  13. Contiguity 06:39
  14. Ay-yay-yay (Russian) 04:26

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