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Singer Polina Shepherd was born in Siberia in a musical family and has a long affiliation with Eastern European Jewish and Russian music. She combines virtuoso vocal talent with raw emotional delivery. Polina Shepherd plumbs energy from the same archetypical sources that make blues and flamenco singing so powerful.’
Portuguese American Journal

Polina’s singing is based on traditional forms and cuts a unique sound deeply rooted in east European Jewish and Russian folk songGrowing up in Tatarstan also placed her close to Islamic ornamentation and timbre which can be heard in her unique vocal style and four octave range. As a solo performer she presents a variety of original songs including her latest solo album Three Centuries Ago in Russian and Yiddish, all the songs in Russian composed to her own poetry (voice and piano). Concerts are usually performed non-stop.

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Watch some video clips of Polina’s solo performances:

Traditional Jewish prayer song Avinu Malkenu in Marcia, Spain, 2011

Polina’s original song in Russian Silver Birch Tree “Cеребристая Берёза” at Pushkin House, London, 2013

Polina’s original song in Yiddish Du bist Mayn Heart at Kleztival, Sao Paulo, 2014.

Improvised original song in Russian at Jamboree club, London, 2014