…Her conducting owes little or nothing to Sir Simon Rattle or Sir Colin Davies. In the more energetic songs she may pirouette, turn to the audience and even dance as she extracts the utmost verse from us and from the audience.

Sydney Levine

The Polina Shepherd Vocal Experience covers many aspects of vocal music from solo voice to large scale choral improvisation or highly arranged and conducted choir pieces and smaller chamber groups. Polina leads several choirs locally and also teaches choral workshops internationally. Her Russian choral work is part of The UK Folklore and Choral Society LADA. Please contact Polina for booking concerts and joining the choirs.

Current choirs:
London Russian choir 

Brighton & Hove Russian choir

London Yiddish Choir

The Brighton & Hove Yiddish Choir – Chutzpah

Her specially developed choral teaching methods are based on specific East European sound, ornamentation, modal experimentation with attention to spiritual and emotional sides of musical creativity and also history and context of choral material.

For Jewish music based choral workshops, she teaches Hassidic Nigunim – the age old songs without words (originally, the term refers to religious songs and tunes that are sung by groups) and Yiddish and Hebrew songs. Polina’s Russian choral repertoire covers Russian classics and folklore: ritual calendar songs for pagan holidays, exorcism and sibylline song, circle dances, wedding songs, weeping songs all with correct attention to history and style.

Music lovers of all backgrounds and singing levels are invited to join Polina Shepherd’s choirs at any time. Teaching both by ear and with sheet music. No knowledge of foreign languages necessary. 

YouTube PSVE playlist – watch now.

past choirs:


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