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The first solo album by Polina Shepherd has been recorded in May 2014: ten original compositions in Russian and Yiddish and a traditional prayer Avinu Malkenu as a bonus track by popular demand. Featuring Rohan Kriwaczek on The Saddest Bagpises in the World and Merlin Shepherd on clarinet, saxophone, bass and drums.

Listen to sample tracks:

Polina Shepherd – vocals 1-11, piano 1, 3-6, 8-11
Merlin Shepherd- clarinet 1, 8, 9, saxophone 4, 10, drum 1, 8, bass 1, 8
Rohan Kriwaczek – bagpipes 1, 7, 10

Recorded at Yellow Fish Studios, Sussex May 2014. Engineered by Jake Rousham. Produced, Edited and Mixed by Merlin Shepherd.

Track list:

1 Who?  פַאר װעמען זָאל איך שרַײען  folk / P. Shepherd Yiddish, Russian 2:49
2 Silver Birch Серебристая береза P. Shepherd Russian 3.17
3 Birch Tree בעריָאזקע  David Einhorn / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:57
4 You are my Heart  דו ביסט מַײן הַארץ   Folklore / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:28
5 Angel  Ангел P. Shepherd   Russian 3:43
6 The Silence didn’t last long  Недолго длилась тишина   P. Shepherd   Russian 2:08
7 Three Centuries Ago Три века назад   P. Shepherd  Russian 07:08
8 Enveloped by the Night   נַאכט בַאהויערט   Osher Shvartsman / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:26
9 Place me like a Seal  טו מיך ַארויף  Song of Solomon 8:6-7 traditional / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 5:01
10 Ay yay yay wordless   P. Shepherd   8:51

bonus 11 Our Father, our King  אֿבינו מלּכנו   traditional   Hebrew 4:18

 Total time: 48:02

 Ari Davidow review on KlezmerShack:
The standout voice, the woman everyone wanted to hear at this year’s Ashkenaz Festival was Polina Shepherd. Readers of these pages over the years will not be surprised—you have read reviews of her singing with choirs, with brass bands, with just her husband, Merlin Shepherd, and friends. She plays an amazing piano, but it is her voice that you notice. Amazing range. Beauty, and a force of nature. Born in the former Soviet Union, this recording is a tribute to both her Russian and Yiddish roots. She sings of love and longing, universal yearnings, whether, say, in the Russian “Silver Birch” or the more modern Yiddish of “Birch Tree;” from folk melodies, to Eastern European “scat,” here a wordless prayer in “Ay Yay Yay;” whether the text comes from the Song of Songs, “Place me like a seal,” her own poetry (most of these pieces), or evokes life, itself, in the Yom Kippur plea, “Avinu Malkeinu” (Our Father, Our King).

Shepherd’s voice is transformative.”

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