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Bargain: two CDs Undzer Yiddishland + Three Centuries Ago CD

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14 leading Yiddish singers and activists, originally from the USSR and now living all over the world, have joined forces for this new project. United in their love for Yiddish song, they represent the musical diversity of this genre.

During the first lockdown at the time of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the international project Yiddish Song: Step Forverts was launched on the initiative of Efim Chorny and Polina Shepherd. Over 50 leading Yiddish song performers from all over the world took part and presented their musical creativity and diversity in a series of living room concerts online. Tens of thousands of people watched these presentations live. 14 participants of the above project, representing the Eastern stream of this culture (now living in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Austria, UK and the USA) have joined forces to form this album on the initiative of Roman Grinberg. 

The CD contains a booklet with the performers' biographies. Only available as a hard copy, there will be no digital sales and no reissues. Don't miss your chance to hear this unique compilation. 

Efim Chorny (Moldova)
Vira Lozinsky (Israel)
Alina Ivakh (Russia)
Psoy Korolenko (USA)
Marina Yakubovich (Israel)
Lopatnik Zhenya (USA)
Roman Grinberg (Austria)
Maria Yacubovich (Russia)
Mikhail Altshuller (Russia)
Sasha Somish (Ukraine)
Slava Farber (USA)
Timur Fishel (Estonia)
Polina Shepherd (Russia/ UK)
Ruth Levin (Israel)

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